Grandma‘s Recipe

When you were growing up do you remember a favorite dish, meal or dessert that your grandma used to make? I sure do. Those bakery cookies were so good, or the blueberry pancakes, or the sauce on a particular dish. Grandma had it down to perfection, and when I always went to my Grandparents house I always hoped that one of those meals or desserts would be served. Of course they knew what my favorites were, so they never disappointed.

Have you ever tried to duplicate a particular recipe and come up short? There was something about Grandma‘s recipes that seem so perfect and darn it, I can’t quite get it right. Too much of this or not enough of that; cooked too long or not long enough.

When it comes to health plans we, at Strategic Healthplan Consulting believe that we have the right recipe – just like Grandma’s used to be with food – except we have it perfected. We have the ability to customize benefits to offer each employer and their employees benefits that best fit their culture – not just what the insurance company has to offer. We have the best financial arrangements that benefits the employer– not the insurance company. We give control back to each business.

We have the best pharmacy programs for the lowest cost drugs out the door, the ability to utilize the international importation of drugs at a significantly lower costs, and specialty drug programs that all but eliminate the cost of the drugs as a claim under the health plan.

So many others think that they have the right recipe, when in fact it just produces the same old results that are not like Grandma‘s recipe. They haven’t quite perfected it like we have.

 A lot of groups think that they can produce employee benefit results like Grandma did with her recipes and her dishes, but at the end of the day they all come up short. They all produce the same old results and have increases year after year.

The Insurance companies have a recipe all right – it’s their recipe for their “home cooking” and their bottom line. And it’s at the expense of their clients. How long are you going to continue to eat their recipe? How long are you going to let them bake your dish? You can do better.

Come on over and learn about our recipe. We’re practically giving it away. Call me at 970-349-7707 or email me at and I can tell you more.

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Frank Stichter