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I know that there is an overabundance of meetings and webinars on Zoom, GoTo Meetings, Microsoft Teams, and other virtual mediums – seems like i get several invitations every day to all sorts of meetings – whether I have any interest or not. But since face-to-face meetings and seminars are on hold for the foreseeable future, webinars are the next best thing.

That’s why I have been, and continue to offer free educational webinar sessions so that you can be assured that your health plans and health insurance is operating at it’s most efficient level. After all, who wants to waste big bucks on this ever-increasing expense because it’s only going to get worse. The AHA is stating that by the end of the year, hospitals will lose up to $320B. How are they going to recover? By raising prices even further.

Below are the FREE webinars I’m offering for the rest of the year:

October 20th 11:30 Eastern Advancing Management of Chronic Kidney Disease Kidney Dialysis can cost upwards of $700,000 per year. This is an incredible expense for a group health plan – whether or not your plan is fully insured or self-funded. To make matters worse, once an individual is diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Medicare doesn’t cover the cost until after 30 months from the diagnosis. This means that the health plan has to bear the brunt for almost 3 years. In this webinar you will learn how to manage chronic kidney disease and avoid diabetes and dialysis for any of your employees. REGISTER HERE.

October 27th 11:00 Eastern Transformational Dual Perspectives on Tackling the Growing Rise of Company Healthcare Costs You won’t want to miss this. Learn of unique best practices from two dynamic, highly respected business leaders, who have successfully tackled this issue to effectively lower costs and manage their health plans like other divisions within their companies. The companies: MarineMax – the world’s largest boat and yacht retailer (also publicly traded) and Signature Healthcare – the 6th largest post-acute care firm in the US. REGISTER HERE.

November 12th 11:00 Eastern Oncology (Cancer) Management According to the National Cancer Institute 38.4% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes and will require life-saving treatments. Oncology therapies, treatments, and drugs continue to rise in cost exponentially. The proper oncology management program this can lead to gain changing savings. Learn how you can and this valuable program to your health plan. REGISTER HERE.

December 10th 11:00 Eastern Customizing Plan Design and Other Hot Topics Self Funded Plans are not subject to State insurance laws, they only subject to ERISA – Federal Law. Therefore, as long as the plan doesn’t discriminate in favor of highly compensated benefits for your company can be customized for your employees and your culture – not for the insurance company. You will learn various plan techniques and language that can not only lower your costs, but attract and retain employees. REGISTER HERE.

These webinars only last for 60 minutes and can dramatically improve your health benefits for your company as well as the bottom line. Please take the time to consider registering and attending for any one or all of these FREE webinars.

Stay well.

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