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Senate bill takes aim at surprise medical bills

It's about time this is being addressed.  I can't help but wonder what the "federal formula" will look like!?   Rachel Bluth, Kaiser Health News | September 19, 2018 The bipartisan proposal would protect patients from surprise bills and high charges from...

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Pay and Defend or Negotiate and Settle?

You’ve probably read several articles from me regarding Reference Based Pricing (RBP). RBP simply means that a Reference Point is used with which to Base the Pricing, instead of an arbitrary PPO "discount off of what." Reference Based Pricing companies have been...

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Do you have a renewal STRATEGY?

Do you have a renewal strategy, or do you wait and see what your renewal is before you react?  Here’s a several HARD questions you might want to ask yourself: If you have a strategy, what does that look like? Do you proactively look at alternatives? Does your broker...

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Are Specialty Drugs “Killing” Your Health Plan?

One of the fastest growing areas of healthcare costs are Specialty Drugs. There are many of the high-end expensive drugs you see advertised on TV. Depending upon the source, Specialty Drugs are defined as those that cost between $300 and $400 per month. I've met with...

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Does This Sound Familiar?

I was talking to an employer the other day who was describing their current situation with their health plan. He explained how they had moved from a fully insured plan to a partial self-funded plan several years ago, and some of the historic changes they had made that...

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Americans Struggle With Financial Stress

I recently read an article in USA Today money section entitled “Americans struggle with financial stress” by Paul Davidson, April 19, 2018. USA Today article “About 76 million US households make up the bottom 60% of income earners, with take-home pay of $65,000 or...

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Employers play a role in lowering health care costs

This article was written by Darla Fortner of Enstrom Candies.  She is a bright and knowledgeable lady, and her company has been a client of mine for a number of years.  It's reprinted from this week's The Business Times in Grand Junction, CO. "The high cost of...

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