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I’ll Bet You Haven’t Heard Of This Before

I recently received a phone call from a friend asking if I had an explanation of something that happened to one of their employees.  I had to admit that I had never heard of it before, but considering that they were with a BUCA (Blue Cross, United, CIGNA, Anthem)...

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Embodiment of corruption: Your health insurance network

 Great article about insurance companies, PPOs, and hospital markups, Written by attorney and former hospital CEO Steven Weissman Embodiment of corruption: Your health insurance network By Steven Weissman January 02, 2018 Center for Health Journalism As 2018 dawns...

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2017: Implementing Innovation And Change

Wow, what a year!  Many employers are now taking the necessary steps to finally lower their healthcare costs, and getting away from insurance companies, PPO networks, and the same old, traditional programs that they look at year after year. I thought it might be...

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Rethink What Is Possible

When it comes to group health plans, employers, brokers, and consultants have come to expect that competitive change will come from within the insurance company marketplace.  The expectation is that insurance companies will create a new plan, a new process, a new...

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It’s About Instincts

This past Sunday afternoon, I was watching The Northern Trust Golf Tournament, which by the way was a fantastic finish and playoff between Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth, I noticed a relatively new automobile being advertised - a Hyundai Genesis. I don't typically...

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The Infamous Chargemaster

Have you heard of a hospital charge master? Most people are not familiar with, or have heard of a hospital charge master. Every hospital has one - big hospitals and little hospitals. It is a voluminous file of everything a hospital offers to its patients when they...

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