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Does your health plan look like an outdated Hi-Fi Console?

A lot of people ask me “what is it that I do”? I could go on and on about what I do, but it's best summarized by telling them “I try to get people to do what they don’t want to do” and they ask “what's that”? I say “change”. I'm a healthcare consultant that works with...

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Rethink What Is Possible

When it comes to group health plans, employers, brokers, and consultants have come to expect that competitive change will come from within the insurance company marketplace.  The expectation is that insurance companies will create a new plan, a new process, a new...

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It’s About Instincts

This past Sunday afternoon, I was watching The Northern Trust Golf Tournament, which by the way was a fantastic finish and playoff between Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth, I noticed a relatively new automobile being advertised - a Hyundai Genesis. I don't typically...

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The Infamous Chargemaster

Have you heard of a hospital charge master? Most people are not familiar with, or have heard of a hospital charge master. Every hospital has one - big hospitals and little hospitals. It is a voluminous file of everything a hospital offers to its patients when they...

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But We’ve Always Done It This Way!

How often have you heard the phrase “we've always done it this way?” I've heard it so many times for whatever reason over the years, that it drives me crazy. We seem to get caught up in our comfort zone because of the way we've always done things - and change disrupts...

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Single Payer System? Really?

There's been a great deal of discussion recently about the single-payer system and actually that discussion has been going on for the last couple of decades or so, even dating back to the pre-Clinton era. The contention is that the single-payer system will help reduce...

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The Little Dutch Boy

Once again as I travel on the road, (believe me I do a lot of traveling on the road), I think about the exorbitant costs of health care and the related cost of health plans to employers in this country. It is currently on a course that is unsustainable and...

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Asking the Right Questions about Health Care

April 25, 2017 Asking the Right Questions about Health Care By Ted Noel, M.D. If I set out to accomplish a task, I have to start with the basics. What is the job? What steps are involved? The list goes on. The same concept applies to ObamaCare. It's broken. Whether we...

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Big Hospital PPO Discounts? Big Mistake!

As I continue to talk and visit with employers about their group health plans, one comment that I hear is that they aren’t looking at alternatives because they were told by their broker that their incumbent insurance company or PPO network has the biggest and best...

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